Stylin’ Spirit at BC

The three Ms. Durham impersonators: freshman Maddie Korbey, junior Nadine Khoury, and fresman Gabby Guarna.

What in the world happened two weeks ago? Random sightings of BC teacher impostors, the reappearance of colorful onesies, and a day of PLAID? The only explanation for this madness is Berkeley Carroll’s annual spirit week. Our very own student council plans out the whole thing, choosing a special theme for each day of the week. Here’s what this year’s spirit week schedule looked like: Pajama Monday, Twin Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Teacher Impersonation Thursday, and Spirit Friday. Sounds like a lot to cram in five days, doesn’t it? Well believe it or not many students and faculty did take part in this unique fashion week, and the fashion section of The Blotter has pictures to prove it! Now after you’re finished reading this paragraph, enjoy looking through the slideshow above. It’ll show you that BC really knows how to have fun with style.