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History at the 2017 Emmy’s

History at the 2017 Emmy’s

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Gabrielle Guarna, Executive Editor
October 2, 2017

Last Sunday night 11.4 million people sat down to watch the annual Emmy Awards. One of the only TV awards shows in Hollywood, the Emmy’s is a night full of glitz and glamour filled with fancy dresses and amusing jokes. But when those 11.4 million people turned on the TV that night, most of them weren’t expecting to witness history in the making. Ever since the 2016 #OscarsSoWhite controversy, actors, viewers, and award judges alike have kept this issue in the back of their minds. Though diversity in Hollywood has always been an issue, the attention that #OscarsSoWhite has brought to the world h...

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Farewell, Performance Space

It has been ten years since the Performance Space made its debut as the home of Berkeley Carroll perfor...

Women Take on Traditionally Masculine Roles in Shakespeare

Although there is a treasure trove of female roles in Shakespeare, many of his plays are hyper-masculin...

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A Musical December

On Thursday, December 17th, Berkeley Carroll had its annual Winter Concert. This concert has been happening...

Capturing the Individual: ‘Humans of New York,’ by Brandon Stanton

Brandon Stanton speed walks around a corner to catch up with a little girl and her father. Approaching...

Art Show 2014

Berkeley Carroll's Art Show, held on April 24th at Lincoln Place, was definitely something to be impres...

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