Dr. Supreme: Liam Fuerst and His Supreme Lifestyle

Liam aka Doctor Supreme, seen here living his skater/snowboarder lifestyle.

You may look around and constantly see Supreme wherever you go. Whether it’s a box logo on a tee or a sticker on a backpack or laptop, it’s around, trust me. The Supreme wave is everywhere. There are Supreme jump ropes, key chains, nunchucks, skateboards, and even crowbars. Why do people buy these things just because they say Supreme on them? Well I’ve dug into the mystery by interviewing the king of Supreme, also known as Dr. Supreme, senior Liam Fuerst.

You may know Liam for his Champion Supreme collaboration jacket that says Supreme on the back. The letters are so big you could see them from a mile away. Not only is he known for his notorious Supreme jacket, but he also wears Supreme tees. Whether it’s a collaboration t-shirt with another company or it’s just a regular Supreme tee, Liam always rocks it. Though Liam isn’t the only one who wears Supreme, no one does it as often as the Doctor himself. I spoke to senior Shay Kothari (also pictured) about his Supreme game and he said, “Yeah I wear Supreme, and I have a pretty nice collection, but compare me to the Doctor, and I’m just a Supreme peasant.”

Well, Shay, it’s not easy being compared to Liam because he has really brought a Supreme amount of attention to his fashion style. I spoke with Liam about his Supreme collection. He said it wasn’t just about the logo, but about the large amount of versatility in just one brand and the different fabrics and materials the clothing is made from. It also fits his skateboard lifestyle. Liam doesn’t just wear Supreme for no reason; it helps him emphasize his skater ways. I asked Liam about how it helped his skater style and he said, “I usually wear the floppy purple and white Supreme hat, with a Supreme box logo hoodie, along with khakis and Vans. It honestly usually gives people the immediate notification that I skate. I try to fit in the skating lifestyle into whatever I do and Supreme has really been a strong accomplice in this effort.”

It’s safe to say that Liam has won over BC’s attention with his iconic fashion statement. You can purchase Supreme on their website or at one of their drops, but be aware that you should get there ahead of time or else you’ll be behind the wave of hype and will have to wait for hours.