The Rise of the Olive… Green

Senior Gil Ferguson

Christian Denis, Staff Writer

Olive green is everywhere and it’s looking great. In fact, I think it’s taking over. One of the reasons this color is being seen so much is because it looks great for any article of clothing, whether it’s jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, or even socks. The olive green look is a little more of a vintage look, and the people at BC are really striving for it. Senior Liam Fuerst said, “Yeah, I really love olives. But I love my olive green pants even more. It really makes me feel confident because it’s a color that can really go with anything and I don’t have to be worried about having a silly outfit if I don’t wear colors that don’t go well together.” Zac Fishman, basketball and fashion extraordinaire, said, “I don’t know about yeezy season, but it’s definitely olive season, that’s for sure.” Well Zac’s definitely not off the mark with that statement because many other trends are slowly dying down as olive green is rising. Take a look around you when you’re walking through the halls and sitting in the atrium, because olive green will be there. Go to a local outlet, get yourself something nice and olive, and you will not be making a mistake.