Senior Year Fashion

Gabby Guarna 18.

Gabby Guarna ’18.

Maddie Korbey, Executive Editor

The senior class has been dressing to impress since the first day of school. Our fashion has been particularly top notch in the last few months. In around late November, our winter collection came out. It consists of  sweatpants, sweatshirts, ripped t-shirts, leggings, and dirty jeans. On top of the lovely clothing pieces, our collection also includes accessories such as 80 pound backpacks, greasy hair (dry shampoo optional), purple bags under our eyes, and of course coffee breath. While our collection is entitled Second Semester Seniors,  it is open to everyone and we highly recommend that you don’t waste three years of high school dressing any other way.

Something to keep in mind before checking out our clothing line is that there are a few side effects to dressing like a senior. We’re not sure whether it is our cozy outfits or our piles of work but our collection comes with side effects of sleepiness and lack of motivation. However, these side effects should not stop you from dressing in the extremely stylish ways we do! Sleep deprivation and procrastination are worth it if it means you’re dressed to the nines.

Here is a slideshow containing some previews of our winter line if you’d like to check it out:

Charlotte Lombard, Eva Fexy, and Bronnie O’Connor.
Gemma Siegler ’18.