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Takeaways From The October Democratic Debate

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The Economics of Buying a Minor Marvel Character: Breakfast Club with Planet Money

May 16, 2019

On May 8th, Robert Smith of NPR’s Planet Money paid a visit to the World Affairs Breakfast Club. Planet...

Vaping: Healthy or Hazardous?

February 1, 2019

On January 30, the World Affairs Breakfast Club was joined by Dr. Anthony G. Saleh MD, a pulmonologist...

Does Religion Have a Place at BC? In New York?

December 16, 2018

Arguably, religion and money are the ruling forces of our world. People are often driven to extremes...

BC’s Spirit Week!

Recent Student Life Stories

Get To Know Mr. Leong!

November 13, 2019

Mr. Leong is a new Chemistry teacher at Berkeley Carroll and we are happy to welcome him to our community....

September’s Global Climate Strike and its Relevance at BC:

November 13, 2019

On September 20th, millions of people marched for climate justice to be recognized and strived for by...

BC Talks LatinX

November 12, 2019

On October 17th, Berkeley Carroll hosted its first BC Talks of the year. Organized by the LatinX Affinity...

Recent Opinion Stories

Hiller and Moon Review

November 12, 2019

Located on Union Street and 7th Avenue, Hiller and Moon is the perfect little shop for high-quality foods....

You’re Pretty For A Black Girl: An Examination of Misogynoir at BC

November 8, 2019

Being a student of color at BC, it makes sense that my peers and faculty will come to me and other POC...

Maybe True Horoscopes #5

May 16, 2019

aries: that noise your joints keep making is of absolutely no concern. use less moisturizer; try toner...

Not Jive Talkin’: Opinions on The West Wing

Recent Arts and Entertainment Stories

BC Jazz Ensemble Wins Big at Berklee Jazz Festival!

February 10, 2019

On Saturday, January 26th, the Berkeley Carroll jazz ensemble competed in the 2019 Berklee High School...

Movies to Watch Over Winter Break

December 7, 2018

December is a wonderful month; It is a time of hot cocoa, sledding, cozy socks, and joy. At the time...

An Art Exhibit Through the Lens of Bananas

November 8, 2018

Hidden deep on the seventh floor of a building in Chelsea, is the art gallery Crush Curatorial, founded...