The Return of the Rise of the Olive… Green




Green is in. This was demonstrated in recent events, specifically when a vast amount of the upper school, disaffected with basic colors such as blue and black, showed up to school wearing green. Totally randomly! Photo shown above. As newly appointed Fashion Editor of the Blotter I decided I must capture this moment. You may have first noticed the color green four years ago, when a feature was published in this very publication pronouncing the “Rise of the Olive.. Green.” After that, green floated mostly under the radar for a while. But not anymore!  Green is back! The color gets a bad rap for being associated with puke, however it is also associated with great things like olives. The olive was created by Athena in Ancient Greece in the Olden Days. Cleo Lynn ‘20, says, “I used to not like green, but now I like green.” This is very demonstrative of our society’s perception of green. Green is also the color of grass, money, green apples, and green grapes.