Let’s Go Back to the 90s

Juniors Maddie Baisden, Lily Meier, and Azia Dottin-Meggs

Doc Martens, daring colors, and choker necklaces!? Looks like the 90s are back at BC (and that’s a good thing). I remember my 1 ⅙ years of living in the 90s as one of the best times for fashion… But actually, growing up watching reruns of Full House, Sister Sister, and even some early 2000s shows helped give me a somewhat solid understanding of 90s fashion. Although I don’t see any sign of return for the butterfly clips, it’s cool to see looks with fashionable high-knee socks and/or cropped knits in the BC hallways. Since it’s winter, sweaters and combat boots are many people’s go-tos. For the guys of BC, many are showing their love for the 90s through their sneakers. And even though it’s pretty cold outside, that won’t stop some students from accessorizing their outfits; whether it’s with a choker or patterned socks, they really know how to stay in style. Now I must say, fashion is very complex. You never know when a certain style will return to the streets (or in this case hallways) of New York. But that shouldn’t matter so much because The Blotter’s new fashion section can help us all stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends at BC. Be sure to check in next time to see what’s new with fashion at BC.