Athletes of the Season (Fall 2017)


Berkeley Carroll Boys Varsity Soccer Team

This year the Blotter will be recognizing athletes from each sports team of each season. Athlete of the Month is given to students who are dedicated, hardworking, and exceptional team members. Each athlete below exhibited these traits. Congratulations!

Girls JV Volleyball:

Sita P ‘21 is the JV Girls Volleyball athlete of the month. Sita is the captain of the JV Volleyball team, and an important member of the squad. Sita’s coach Matthew Wynkoop said: “ She is a well rounded player who plays great defense and is one of our most efficient hitters. Sita is a clutch player, who makes big plays for the team when it is needed most.” Congratulations to Sita, and great work!

Girls Varsity Volleyball:

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team nominated two players they felt needed to be recognized, Sara A-M ‘19 and Rachael H ‘20. The Girls Varsity Volleyball coach, Mary Aiken, said:  “The team feels that both of these players deserve to be recognized this week because of their endless energy and support of the team. They always give 100% whether it’s in practice or a game and they never give up. They are committed members of the team and are always looking for ways to lift the team up in tough times. The entire team can all agree their positive energy and dedication has helped the team overcome great obstacles.” Congratulations to Sara and Rachel!

Cross Country:

The Cross Country team has also nominated two athletes: Sophie A ‘19 and Zach T ‘19. One of the cross country coaches, Lily Adler, said: “Zach has consistently been the frontrunner of the Berkeley Carroll pack and is known for his bursts of speed at the end of a race.  Zach always comes to practice with a smile on his face and he works hard day in and day out, including logging extra miles on the weekends.  Sophie is relatively new to the sport, but she has revealed herself to have quite the competitive spirit.  Sophie pushes herself at every practice and through her hard work she’s hoping to cut her time down significantly over the final weeks of the season.” Congratulations to Sophie and Zach for all their running!

Boys JV Soccer:

The JV Boys Soccer team has nominated Manoc J-G ‘21 as their athlete of the month. Josh Smaller-Swift, the coach of the JV team, said: “Manoc Jao-Griffith has been a superb teammate on the JV Boys Soccer Team this season.  Manoc not only brings experience and skill to our squad, but his dedication, strong work ethic, and passion for soccer never goes unrecognized by his teammates or his coaches.  Between scoring crucial goals and providing support for his teammates, plus his great sense of humor, Manoc has contributed a great deal to our young squad this year.” Congratulations to Manoc!

Boys Varsity Soccer:

The Athlete of the Month for the Boys Varsity Soccer team is Kian S ‘18. His coach, Lule Dyasi, said: “Kian is a responsible and talented soccer player.  As a four time varsity player he’s grown into a dedicated leader and all around good person.” Congratulations on your last varsity season Kian!

Girls Varsity Soccer:

Elly H ‘19 was chosen as the Athlete of the Month for the Girls Varsity Soccer team. The team manager, Tess F ‘19, said: “Elly is a key part of the soccer team because when Elly makes a mistake she doesn’t stop, she keeps going. But she does fall a lot.” Congratulations to Elly!  

Congratulations to all the players who were recognized as standout members of their teams, and thank you for your contributions. To all other high school athletes, thank you for your participation as well!  It isn’t easy to miss the last period of school, play a game (or run if you’re on the cross country team), and then have to go home and do homework. The Blotter recognizes your effort and dedication and looks forward to the start of the Winter season!