Our Fearless Leaders: Profiles of Fall Team Captains


The fact that all of Berkeley Carroll’s fall varsity sports teams (boys and girls soccer, and girls volleyball) made it to the playoffs speaks volumes about the character of the seven captains who led them there. All were great leaders and wonderful additions to each team. They were dedicated to helping their teammates improve and develop as athletes, as well as creating an atmosphere of camaraderie on and off the field or court.

Girls varsity soccer captain Sabrina Quintanilla, a senior, believed that one of the most important responsibilities as a leader was to make sure each player was appreciated for what she brought to the team.  She says, “I hope that I’ve left the team with the goal to treat every member as an equal, regardless of skill level and age.”  She, along with her co-captains, seniors Esme Chant and Julia Pike, led the team of 24 girls from tough preseason camp, to their final playoff game. Maddy King, a senior, explains, “Not only are they great leaders who helped the team stay organized during practice and games, but are also some of the kindest and most encouraging people I know.” Camille Johnson, a junior, adds, “They were able to boost our team’s confidence, and motivate us to try our hardest and play our best. It was obvious that they cared a lot about the team and I honestly don’t think we would have done as well as we did without the spirit of our captains.”

The captain of the boys varsity soccer team this season was senior Felix Pilkington.  As he took on his many responsibilities as captain, he understood the importance of having a good attitude. He says, “Being the leader of the team pushed me to make a collaborative and positive momentum commonplace. I think as captain I finished the season as a positive role-model for the young players, and I hope that this will help the team win a championship in the coming years.” The team played hard throughout the season with Felix as their leader. Freshman Kian Sadeghi explains that he “really helped [them] through hard times during the season.”

Being a captain is much more difficult than it may seem on the surface. Girls varsity volleyball captain Laura Gilbert, also a senior, describes how the role has its ups and downs. She says, “I learned that it’s easy to lead a team when you’re doing well, but the hard part is picking everyone up when the whole team is down.” Laura, along with senior captains Alex Pachter and DeAndra Forde, led their team through defeats as well as many victories. Sarah Bender, a sophomore, says that her captains “took control and shaped our mostly-underclassmen team into a group of girls that came together and made it all the way to the playoffs. All three of them never gave up. When things got hard they supported us and told us that we could do anything. They were caring, honest, kind, and compassionate, and that made them great leaders.”

Through thick and thin, win or lose, the captains of the fall varsity sports kept their teams together and playing hard. Without the fun, lively, and positive spirit of the captains, the teams wouldn’t have been able to make it through the season.