Girls Varsity Volleyball: A Synopsis


If you haven’t yet seen a girls varsity volleyball game this year, then you are truly missing out. Berkeley Carroll’s own have been fighting their way through two leagues this year and are working tirelessly to complete their season.

One aspect of the team’s perseverance can be seen through their numbers. The girls have no seniors and are lead by juniors Sarah Bender and Olivia Abramchik-Cavallo. They have nine people on the team — only three subs for a three out of five game! However, this has not stopped their fervent desire to improve as a team. In fact, it has made them closer. Setter Grace Morales adds, “Our team has had to learn to be leaders faster than most high school athletes. I’ve stepped up and risen to the occasion. The best part of being on Varsity Volleyball is knowing my teammates always have my back.”

The girls volleyball team is currently leading in the ACIS and they hope to advance in the playoffs. For now, they are looking forward to their first playoff game against Packer in the Athletic Center. And don’t worry — if you weren’t able to make a game this fall season, they will be back next year, dominating the courts as always.