Saying Goodbye to Spring Sports


The Girls Varsity Softball Team (from the BC Website)

Natalie Shea, Sports Editor

Hello Berkeley Carroll Sports fans,  as the school year comes to a close so does the 2k16-2k17 sports year. With that in mind, here is a little recap of the varsity spring season. The spring season consists of girls varsity tennis, boys varsity tennis, girls varsity softball, boys varsity baseball, spring track, boys varsity volleyball, and last but certainly not least, varsity ultimate frisbee.

Let’s start with girls varsity tennis. The girls tennis team had a hard season, not winning a single match, but progressed throughout the season and left it all on the court. Sarah Cryan, Freshperson, and member of the girls varsity tennis team, said: “We had one really close match, but got a lot better as the season went on.” The girls will continue to work hard and improve next year.

The boys varsity tennis team also had a tough year. When asked to comment on his season Isaac Katz, Junior, said: “The scoreboard doesn’t depict the passion that we put into our tennis season. Although we suffered our fair share of losses, we worked hard and just missed our spot in the playoffs.” Despite missing the playoffs the boys put their all into the season, and never failed to give the other team a run for their money. Better luck next year, boys!

Next up is, girls varsity softball. The girls had a great season making it all the way to playoffs, but sadly lost in the first round. Bella Orman, sophomore, said: “This season has been wonderful. The will and the spirit of the whole team was strong throughout the spring. Everyone was so encouraging of each other and it is so special to be part of such an awesome team. However, we lost our first playoff game.”  This season was special for another reason. Two graduating seniors, Sarah Bender and Olivia Abramchik-Cavallo, finished their high school sports careers, playing 12 consecutive varsity seasons. Congratulations on a great last season!

The boys varsity baseball team had an amazing regular season, with only one loss. Philip Bernstein, Junior, said: “We had a really successful regular season only losing one game, but then got upset by a lower seed in a close game in the semi-finals. Although it was a disappointing end of our season, we had a really talented young team and I’m looking forward to what is going to be a really strong team next season.” Despite losing in the semi-finals the team had an amazing season and will have an even better one next year.

Next we have spring track. I have a huge amount of respect to anyone who is on the track team. They run voluntarily. I’m tired even thinking about it. Sophie Arens, sophomore, said: “We had a really great season and worked really hard. Our last meet went really well.” They obviously ran their hearts out and made really great strides throughout their season. Kudos to you all for running so the rest of us don’t have to.

The boys varsity volleyball team made it to the playoffs and matured as players over the season. Matteo Holzer, Junior, said: “This year’s boys volleyball season acted as a building year for our team. We gained a few new members who initially had never played volleyball before but quickly developed into key members of the team. With their help, we made it into the first round of playoffs, but eventually lost. This season was a lot of fun and we can’t wait for next year.” Congratulations on a hard fought season!

Finally, ultimate frisbee. The ultimate frisbee team is quite special because it was formed just last year. The new team was formed by two students, juniors at the time, Nathaniel Dunn and Jack Baum. Nathaniel Dunn, co-founder and recently graduated senior, said: “The frisbee team began at the start of our junior year when we made fun of the Volleyball team and the annoying announcements they always made at our grade morning meeting. However, we were eventually encouraged to make an announcement in front of the entire school. When we realized how many people were interested we saw it as the perfect opportunity to start an actual team. We created the team with the goal of providing a fun athletic environment where everyone would get to play in games and feel like they were part of the team.”  

Something that originally started out as a joke became so much more, and actually became a real team to The Berkeley Carroll School. Claire Dunn, a Sophomore and proud member of the frisbee team, said: “This season we had a bigger and more committed team, with players from all grades and more girls than last season. We had a new assistant coach, Mr. Swift (Ceramics and Sculpture teacher for the upper and middle school) who replaced Mr. Fileta (former Spanish teacher). We ended up winning two of our games, and even at the games we lost everyone gave their all, and we improved each game.” The ultimate frisbee team has really progressed throughout this season, and is working to get better every game. Everyone on the sidelines is rooting for them to succeed next year.

This spring season had mixed results, but what each team had in common was incredible hard work and dedication. So congratulations to all Berkeley Carroll spring athletes. Also, thank you to fall and winter season athletes as well. ‘Till next year,  go Lions!!