The Rollercoaster of the Boys Varsity Soccer Season


As a season of remote soccer is behind us, the Boys Varsity Soccer team was able to play on a field for the first time in over 18 months. With preseason beginning in late August,the boys were hard at work getting into shape for the first games two weeks later. 


Starting off with fitness in the first few days, the Boys JV and Varsity teams were all mixed together to allow everyone to prove themselves.


Many of the students on the Boys Varsity Soccer Team, did not agree with the idea of the groups being mixed during practice. Many of them did, however, agree that it was a good way for everyone to get an equal shot to get into the Varsity Team.


As preseason came and went, the boys Varsity soccer team made the long bus ride out to Staten Island for the season opener against SIA. The game was close with both teams taking shots and both goalies making saves.


The eventual breakthrough came through Owen M.’s (‘22) 30-yard screamer which flew right into the top corner of the SIA net to give Berkeley Carroll a one-nil lead. 


Sadly, SIA quickly equalized which sent the two teams neck and neck into the half.


After inspirational words from Head Coach Sekou Cox, the boys ended up winning 4-3 in a 7 goal thriller. This was a great way to kick off the season to say the least.


Unfortunately, the Boys Varsity Soccer team could not keep up their winning form. It seemed that they had peaked too soon. The team’s record suffered heavy hits as they lost every single game after SIA, including to some well known names such as Saint Ann’s and Packer.


After three weeks of continuous loss, the boys headed into a game against Brooklyn Friends. The conditions were ideal for the team’s first league win. The opposition not having enough players to fill a full squad meant that the game had to become a 9v9. Brooklyn Friends had also requested to shorten the length of the game due to their lack of players. The Boys Varsity Soccer team managed to make things work. They ended up winning the game 10-1 marking the second win of the season for the Boys Varsity Soccer Team.


The team was ecstatic with this result as many of the players were able to bag their first goal of the season.


Despite the season not going to plan, many of the team members agree that they thoroughly enjoyed their time on the team. Even through all of our ups and downs we are still proud of what we accomplished this season and what we have built for the future.