Athlete Spotlight: Michael M., ’25



Please state your name, grade, sport, and position.

My name is Michael M., I’m a sophomore here at BC, and I started as the power forward for the Boys and Non-binary Varsity Basketball Team.

Compared to your Freshman season on JV, how has your role changed this year playing for varsity?

I got my minutes, but I didn’t necessarily get the ball as much as in Freshman Year. We have key seniors like Jalen V. ‘23  and Nick E. ‘23 who averaged 25 points a game, so my role switched from focal to supportive. I look forward to being a primary option in the coming years.

Is there one player that you have a lot of chemistry with?

I would have to say my boy Ferris Z. ‘25. We play similarly and have a lot of opportunity to connect, him being the center and me hovering around the three point line. He’s also one of the only guys I practice outside of school with.

What is the biggest area of your game that needs growth? 

I struggle to use my left hand in games. Being ambidextrous would make me a bigger dribbling threat while also forcing my defender to be more tactical. However, it is the hardest skill to gain because it requires retraining my muscles with hours of repetition and constantly going against my instincts to shift right. I’m working on it every week with a personal trainer.

I know that many student-athletes struggle to keep up with their commitments and find balance. Have you felt overwhelmed this season? 

It definitely got crazy in the thick of the season when I was playing three games a week, often late at night or on the Upper-East Side, and teachers were throwing tests and essays my way. But I’ve learned it’s all about knowing your priorities, and communicating with your teachers.

How far do you plan to take basketball? What’s the ultimate goal?

Simple. I want to get a scholarship to play the sport I love at a top-tier college. I have to work hard for the next few years and make big strides to get there, but I back myself.

Thank you so much for your time Michael. Any last words?

Just that we’re coming for the state chip next year. Packer’s good players are graduating and we have talent moving up to the squad. Before I graduate we’re gonna make it happen.