Top 7 Things I Wish I Knew as a Freshperson


Maddie Korbey, Executive Editor

Dear Freshperson Maddie,

Here are some things I wish you knew:

  1. Use your frees wisely.  Free periods are a blessing, a second chance, and a new beginning. In all seriousness, free periods (when used wisely) are very helpful. There are multiple ways to take advantage of free periods. The first way is to save homework. The steps for this are pretty simple. You save some homework from a busy night and go to bed early. Then, after a nice long night of sleep, you wake up and complete your homework in a free. Another smart way of using your free would be by completing homework due the next day so you can have less work when you get home. Lastly, when you are a junior you will be busy with standardized tests. I highly recommend using your frees to take practice tests!
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously. It is your first year of high school, so it can be stressful, awkward, and nerve racking. I wish I knew that none of that mattered. You are going to make lots of friends, get in the swing of classes, and everything will feel normal. Making sure to know when you can goof off and when it’s time to buckle down is really important. However, it is just the first year so don’t give yourself a hard time.
  3. Use your locker. Your locker is there so you don’t break your back. Use it. After 3 years of carrying a completely full bag, I am now a crouched over high school senior who looks like a senior citizen. Using your locker is an easy way to not have a bag filled with bricks.
  4. Enjoy the Muffins. It is easy to take the muffins for granted. Be sure to have breakfast(s) and keep yourself energized, but also try not to get trampled on by the 8th graders that were once you.
  5. School Opportunities. We are very lucky to have a school that provides us with many new opportunities. It is very easy to try new things, and challenge yourself. So, keep your eye out for them. Some of the opportunities our school allows us to apply for are: semester schools, the Spring Intensives that travel abroad, and community service trips/events.
  6. Talk to your peer leaders! Having peer leaders is a very special thing. Peer leaders are there to help you with the transition into high school. They have gone through high school and know how to help! They also love talking to you all. I wish that I had talked to my peer leaders more. Do it while you can!
  7. Wear what you want and be yourself. As a freshperson I used to worry about wearing the most popular clothes, but shortly after trying to wear these “cool” outfits, I grew bored and tired. Wear what makes you feel like you. Ever since those first two weeks of my first year, I’ve been wearing baggy jeans, Birkenstocks and socks, overalls, and a collection of other runway-ready outfits that I will continue to strut down the hallways in.



You’ve got this.