The Best Computer Games to NOT Play in School



You’re stuck in a classroom, staring at the clock, counting down the minutes until you can finally free yourself from your desk. You start doodling in your notebook, trying anything to pass the time. Perhaps it’s first period—way too early to be learning how to conjugate “ser” in the past perfect subjunctive form. Maybe it’s right after lunch and that Chipotle burrito is putting you into a deep slumber. 


Whatever it is, you may feel the need to unwind and distract yourself from the monotony of classwork. You might want to turn to your Chromebook for an alternate source of entertainment, but you must resist this temptation! School work comes first, and it’s imperative that you focus all of your attention on class.


To help you all out with focusing, we’ve compiled a list of computer games to avoid when in class. Whatever you do, do not play these games during class. We’ve even attached links to all of the games in this article so that you know not to click on them. Without further ado: the best computer games to not play in school…


  1. GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is a geography game in which players are transported to a random location in the world—as seen through Google Maps Street View—and players use the environmental and locational clues to guess where they are. You get a certain number of points depending on how close you are to the correct location.


But wait, there’s more! 


If you sign up for a GeoGuessr Pro account ($1.99/mo), you can play in Multiplayer Mode. Battle your friends and fight for the title of geography-wiz. Of course, you should not play games with friends during school, but if you were to, it would be a blast.


  1. Wordle

We’ve all heard of it. In fact, it seems we can’t escape it. 


Wordle is similar to the board game, Mastermind. Essentially, you have six tries to guess a five-letter word, a.k.a the Wordle. Each time a player guesses a word, the computer will indicate if any of the letters in your word belong in the Wordle. If a letter is gray, it’s not in the correct word at all. If a letter is yellow, it means it appears in the correct word, but in a different place than you’ve put it. If a letter’s green, it’s in the right place.


This game is fun and addictive, so it may be tempting to play it during school, but you must refrain. Besides, you only get one word per day, so even if you wanted to play this game during school, you could only play one round. At least there’s no such thing as World Unlimited, which you can play as many times as you want—oh wait…


  1. 2048

With all of these word based games it’s important to have a game for our more mathematically-oriented friends. 2048 is a game that mixes strategy with elementary level math. 


You start with a 4×4 square and two numbers divisible by 2. You then have to combine the same numbers by using the arrow keys to form bigger numbers. However every time you move a number another number appears. In order to win, you have to combine the tiles to get 2048. If all 16 squares are filled up, though, the game is over and you lose. 


Thankfully, the school has blocked this nuisance of a game, so it won’t distract you. What you shouldn’t do is bypass Securly by googling “2o48” instead of 2048…


For alternatives to 2048, don’t try 2048 Cupcakes or 2048 Doge!


  1. Shellshock 

Have you ever felt the urge to transform into an egg and run around a location shooting other eggs? I know I have!


If so, Shellshock is the game for you! That is, as long as you’re playing it from the comfort of your own home, rather than in school. Essentially, ShellShock is a First-Person Shooter game in  which every player is an egg equipped with a weapon, with the object being to shoot all the other eggs and get the highest score. There are several maps to choose from, and different modes, too. You can opt for the more traditional player vs. player mode, or play in teams. What’s more, you can customize your egg’s appearance and choose your preferred loadout (weapons). Queue up with some friends (remember: NOT in school) or random people online and get cracking.


  1. Crosswords

We’ve all had those days at school where the class discussion is just moving so slowly. You want to listen to the thoughtful and engaging comments that your teacher and peers have to make, but you are too tired to put your full attention into the conversation. (isn’t this what you have already stated in your summary at the beginning)


Introducing crossword puzzles—the thing you definitely should not do during occasions like these. It might seem like the perfect solution at first. Crosswords are an amazing way to relax your body while at the same time exercising your brain! Yet, remember that you must pay attention fully in class, and not distract yourself with puzzles or games of any sort.


Here is a list of the best free crossword websites to avoid during school:

Washington Post

Wall Street Journal

NYTimes Mini Crossword (and more games)


* * *

We hope you’ve found this list helpful and informative. After all, it’s easy to get distracted during the school day, so this article may come in handy when you need to find which games to avoid. And if the Upper School Tech Department is reading this, please do not ban any of these games. It’s important that they stay up for…research purposes.