Which Coffee Shop Wins BC’s Love?

Keely Clifford
Cafe Dada, Starbucks, Cousin John’s, Café Regular. These are some of the coffee shops in the vicinity of Berkeley Carroll that students visit for an occasional “pick me up” in the form of caffeine. So, if you have ever wondered which local coffee shop Berkeley Carroll students favor the most this is the article for you.

When asked her favorite coffee shop, Lily Stearns ‘19, said: “Cousin John’s, because despite how rude the workers are the food and drinks are really good.”  Sadly, Stearns stood alone in her love of Cousin John’s and was the only student who showed her support for the café.  Taylor Engler, ‘19 said: “Starbucks is my favorite, but I don’t really buy coffee that often.” Engler had company in her appreciation of the national chain. Lindsay Nissenbaum, ‘17,  is also a strong supporter of Starbucks. “I love Starbucks because they have a wide variety of drinks and food,” she said. “And I love that they have a rewards program. My favorite part is that I know most of the baristas because I go there so frequently.” Despite Starbucks’ strong showing, it did not win the poll.  Savana Minerva, ‘17, said Café Regular is her favorite: “Because they make the best iced latte around.” The majority of poll respondents agreed with her opinion. Keely Clifford, ‘18, said: “My favorite coffee shop is Café Regular because of the student discount, and the unparalleled quality of their coffee. I go there every day and spend all my money there.” Even Ms. Clapps agreed with Keely, saying: “They have the best coffee in the neighborhood, and they offer a teacher discount. Plus they are the perfect mix of being friendly, but allowing you to get on with your day.”

Overall, Café Regular won. It seems they have a friendly staff, delicious coffee, and good prices.  If you are like some Berkeley Carroll students, and you get coffee every day having a student and teacher discount really helps. According to the Berkeley Carroll community, Café Regular is the place to go for all of your coffee needs and cravings.