Which Teacher Are You?


Have you ever wondered what teachers did in high school? Do you ever think about if you would be friends with them if they were your age?  Are you just curious to see pictures of teachers in high school? Take this quiz!!

1. Do you play any sports?

A) No, sports aren’t for me.

B) Yeah, I’m on a few teams.

C) Yes, I’m almost always doing something athletic.

D) Yeah, mostly track and cross country.

E) Studying and sports fill my schedule.


2. Do you do any arts?

A) I eat, sleep, breathe all kinds of arts.

B) I’m on the Blotter and I write a lot!

C) I’ve taken an art every year so far.

D) I do art on my own and in school and I love performing.

E) I’m really into writing poetry and fiction!


3. How much do you read?

A) I read.

B) A lot!

C) I read for English class…

D) I read non-fiction.

E) That’s like asking me if I breathe: a lot, absolutely.


4. What’s your favorite class?

A) Language class

B) History!!

C) Chem

D) English

E) World Literature


5. What kind of music do you listen to?

A) I listen to a mix of rock and pop.

B) I like hip-hop and rap.

C) Mainstream pop and hip-hop

D) I’m a music nerd and I’m very invested in a lot of different genres.

E) I have an interesting taste in music that covers a lot of bases.


6. What’s your fashion sense like?

A) Light grunge: flannel shirts, jeans, and Doc Martens.

B) Very simple: jeans and a sweater

C) I wear the same thing every day but I don’t have a strong fashion sense.

D) Trendy: I like wearing popular brands and keeping up with trends.

E) Sporty/Casual: I like my sweatshirts and sneakers.


7. What do you do on the weekends?

A) Sleep, watch Netflix, hang out with my friends

B) Play sports, see my friends

C) Go to sports competitions, study, hang out

D) Shop, dance around, see my friends, flirt with people

E) Study, watch Netflix with my friends, do some sports, read and write



Mostly A’s: You’re Ms. Durham!
You are a quirky soul who loves singing, languages, and all things edgy and artsy.











Mostly B’s: You’re Mr. Giovino!

You’re sporty yet simple and also into humanities.














Mostly C’s: You’re Ms. Adler!

You do lots of stuff, like to relax, and you are very interested in science.









Mostly D’s: You’re Mr. Sanchez!

You are passionate about a lot of different things (mainly arts) and you love to be social.












Mostly E’s: You’re Ms. Bediako

You love anything and everything that has to do with writing and reading but you also love sports!