Berkeley Carroll Reacts to the 2016 Election Results

Mosab Hamid’s reactions to the result of the 2016 Presidential Election.
With emotions running high after the results of the election, The Blotter would like to hear what you have to say about the results of the election or what you want to say to our next president: your hopes, fears, and thoughts on how he should mend our country. Please send your thoughts to the Blotter ([email protected]). If you wish to remain anonymous, just say so in your email. The election may be over, but your voice is more important than ever. This article will be updated with more photos and text in the coming days.



 Amidst the roller coaster of emotions, the feeling that is sticking with me the hardest is guilt. I feel guilty for naively believing the polls and not doing more to ensure that a capable, confident, calm candidate became president. I feel guilty that my generation who elected Obama couldn’t keep that energy of progress alive for the next generation. I feel guilty that we might never see a woman president in my feminist mother’s lifetime. My heart hurts, but I’m so grateful to be working with educators and students that approach the world with open hearts and open ears, where asking difficult questions and expressing difficult emotions feels safe. — Anonymous