Peer Parent Night


Credit: Berkeley Carroll Communications Department

Peer at night was both an enjoyable but awkward experience. It involved an open discussion as well as a fishbowl. We were able to learn a lot from the experience as well as hear out the often unheard parent’s side. We started off with our names and our peer leaders introduced themselves. During the fishbowl, the kids went outside and made questions while the parents did the same in the classroom. Some of the questions we asked the parents was “how do you punish your children” and “have you smoked before” the responses for both of these varied. Most parents resorted to taking away phones and cutting access internet. But something that stayed consistent was that parents still allowed them to hang out with friends. I think this shows something in how meaningful friendship actually is to a growing teen. The kids were asked questions mostly about vaping and the usual but also on how girls and boys interact. Is it still like “girls have cooties” or do we connect more. This was interesting because the responses were very mixed because some people were able to reach out while others felt it was out of their comfort zone. In conclusion, I think peer parent night was a good experience and was helpful to get an inside look at the other side of the story, the one thing I wish I could change was that it was longer.