Long Live The Spoon King!

The Spoon King in front of the graves of the fallen spoon participants.

The Spoon King in front of the graves of the fallen spoon participants.

Arabella Orman, Student Life Editor

The Spoon Game has swept Berkeley Carroll by storm. People are dashing through the hallways, running to safe havens like the library, and even alliances have been formed (and then broken). However, only the truly great can succeed. The Blotter was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with resident Spoon King Griffin Cascarino ‘18.

Blotter: What was your main tactic in the game?

The Spoon King: You will need allies and you need the walls to have eyes, so you must create a network of informants. Find out who has who so you always know who is coming for you. You are never safe.


B:What tips would you give aspiring spoon monarchs?

TSK: Do not aspire to rule the throne, you will not take my position. However, you can join me since the Spoon Monarchy is setup to have a balance of power between a few leaders. One cannot rule tyrannically, even if they want to…. checks and balances.


B: Do you have plans to go pro?

TSK: I am pro. I am the Spoon King.


B: How did you celebrate your win?

TSK: By digging the graves of my fallen enemies. Rest In Peace to all those who thought they would destroy me.


B: What are your plans for the second round?

TSK: To sit back and watch as my subjects battle for the second ruling position. Long live the Spoon King and long live the monarchy!