FAQs About The Blotter


Q: How do I read The Blotter?

A: You can read The Blotter at www.bcblotter.com. New articles are always being added, so be sure to check in every so often!


Q: How do I submit an article to The Blotter?

A: Share it with [email protected] and [email protected] on Google Docs.


Q: What kinds of articles can I write?
A: One of the best things about the Blotter is that you can truly write about whatever you want!


Q: When and where does The Blotter meet?

A: During co-curricular every Day 6 in Room 144.


Q: Do I have to attend the co-curricular in order to write for The Blotter?
A: No! You can submit articles even if you don’t come to the co-curricular.


Q: How long do the articles have to be?

A: There is no maximum or minimum length.


Q: How many articles do I have to contribute each year?

A: There is no requirement, you can submit articles whenever you want.


Q: Do you have to be an experienced writer?

A: No! Everyone, regardless of experience, is always welcome.


Q: What can I do if I want to be part of The Blotter but I don’t want to write articles?

A: If writing isn’t your thing, you can also submit videos, create quizzes, or help with The Blotter’s social media.


Q: Do you have snacks?

A: Yes!


If you have any other questions, you can talk to Ms. Clapps, Ms. Bediako, Keely Clifford (Co Editor-in-Chief), Sara Tobias (Co Editor-in-Chief), or anyone else on The Blotter Staff!