A picture of Smorgasburg by the author.

Now that summer is only week away, some of you may be going away to visit family or exploring exotic islands but for those staying in the city, do not fret. You can have adventures of your own right here in New York City; one of them being at Smorgasburg!

Smoragasburg is a food festival that only happens in the Summer months. There is a location open on Saturdays in Easter River State Park  in Williamsburg and a location open on Sunday in Prospect Park in Park Slope. It is open rain or shine and goes from 11 am to 6 pm. To those of you thinking Smorgasburg is one of those food festivals where you will eat a bunch weird food ultimately leading to some very unpleasant situations, you are wrong. Getting a booth at Smorgasburg is extremely competitive and all vendors are screened, so you can expect high quality food.

It is recommended that you bring cash; Although some vendors accept cards, most only accept cash. There is an atm, but there is a $2.50 fee. In terms of how much money to bring, most foods are in the $7-$15 range but it really depends on the booth and what you are buying. A personal recommendation is to also bring wet wipes or hand sanitizer so that you can clean yourself off after completely devouring your food.

Smorgasburg is a perfect place to go with friends, family, or both. Although the festival is very crowded, there is plenty of space around the festival to spread a blanket for a picnic. In addition, this year the Brooklyn Flea is being held close to the in the same park as the Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, so after you eat you can shop! So if you’re not leaving the city this summer, do not worry of dying from boredom; grab a friend or your mom and head to Smorgasburg.

Mae Ryan ’20 at Smorgasburg