Muffins No More: The Cafeteria’s Latest Development


Image courtesy of @Spicybcsmemes

Muffins have long been a staple of break time in the BC cafeteria. But as of recently, they will only be served on Mondays. This is a choice that has caused “mass panic,” as an anonymous student calls it, throughout the school. We spoke with members of the student body about the effects this had on them.

First, we spoke with Joseph G ‘22. He told us that he grabbed muffins “about once or twice a week, depending on what types of muffins there were.” Preference for different types of muffins was a common thread, as most students listed the double chocolate muffins as their favorite choice. Despite not being a frequent muffin goer, Joseph was still shocked by the move to limit muffins to Mondays saying: “It was so sudden.” Still, he concluded that the change in policy had no real effect on his health and happiness. 

To get another opinion, we interviewed Reed Z ‘22. Reed was a more frequent attendant of the cafeteria during the break, telling us that he went for muffins about three or four times a week. Like Joseph, Reed was “a little bit” surprised with the change, but “didn’t really think anything of it.” However, like many students, Reed relied on muffins as a source of sustenance in the morning: “When I didn’t have breakfast, I had a muffin.”

We have only gotten information about the physical muffins so far, so we decided to focus on the cultural aspects of the muffins. Here is Sam O ‘22 with his opinions: “Most of the time I wouldn’t even eat a muffin; I would just go down to see my friends after a trash class to cheer me up.” As you can see here, not only did the muffins satisfy appetites, they also catered to some social needs.

While we don’t feel that most people were affected enough to reinstate Muffin Everydays, there are clear signs of both social and physical effects on some students, which is something to consider.