Hiller and Moon Review


Liena Zagare

Hiller and Moon

Located on Union Street and 7th Avenue, Hiller and Moon is the perfect little shop for high-quality foods. Usually stocked with many different breads and pastries, you could spend $2 there on high-quality bread rather than spend $2 at Ace on factory-made cookies.

A long-time favorite of mine would also be their baguettes. It’s way too often that I pop in after school and get a demi-baguette for $2.25, which is a perfect size, and not too filling. While it may seem strange and unhealthy to eat straight bread—it’s probably unhealthy—the crispy crunch on the outside and the airy dough on the inside makes a wonderful combo. Even if you are looking for a large baguette, they have plenty of those. 

Aside from bread, there’s a wide selection of foods you can buy. Just recently I got some amazing tasting jam, of which they have many varieties. In addition to jam they have honey, dried cherries, small popcorn bags, and many other small treats. While all of the baked goods in the store are homemade, as well as the majority of cheese, there are some big-name pasta brands and other products you can find in other stores.

Venturing past the initial cash register, you can find many fine meats and cheeses in the back. There’s a reasonably wide selection for a store so small, and while it usually seems like a hassle to spend a lot of money on cheese and salami, a ¼ pound can be a fair amount a lot of the time, not being too expensive and making you feel as if you’re at the finest dining experience around. Some other foods they have include hand-made oreo-like cookies, pre-made sandwiches (hand-made, of course), and other cookies and such.

One of the best hams they sell would be the Smoked Forest Ham. It’s smoked to perfection and tastes better than it smells, which is amazingly good. Another perk is that they slice the ham very thin, capturing the flavor in smaller amounts to make it last longer.

In general, Hiller and Moon is a local shop full of wonderful food, making it very hard to resist going there once you find out about it.