The Pressing Issue of Senior Nap Time


Let me start by saying this is not supposed to be funny. This is a serious issue. Among countless others, I am fed up with the lack of legally mandated rest time throughout the school day. 


We are in desperate need of some shuteye. Most, if not all of our night (when we’re supposed to get 7-9 hours of sleep) is spent grinding out various college essays and school work. Sure, you can argue that this struggle is a minor setback in the grand scheme of things or some oafish rebuttal like that, but you shouldn’t. We don’t like that.


Here to speak more with us about the need for nap time is resident good student Sam Otley ‘22. Over to you, Sam…

Why, you may ask, is Mr. Otley wasting his education on a few minutes of rest? You can put the pieces together. Not only would it be rejuvenating, a nap time would also eliminate the risk of relative lost education: if all seniors had the same scheduling, other students would not be learning more than Mr. Otley during his slumber. This would reduce stress in our subject since he would know for certain he is not falling behind. 


You may be seeing a pattern here. Does it seem like there are only benefits? Well, yes. I could go on about the drawbacks of normal day-to-day BC life without a designated nap time, but the evidence shown above speaks for itself. Separately, I would much rather sleep. Berkeley Carroll executives, the ball is in your court.