BC’s 2019 Halloween

This Halloween, in classic Berkeley Carroll fashion, the executive council hosted the yearly costume competition. Students arrived completely outfitted, from the scary to the punny, from the traditional to the outlandish, and from the Mad Hatter to Dr. Gaines. The categories and the winners are: 

Best group:

Bob’s Burgers: Kelsey, Aylin, Ms. Marriott


Honorable Mention: The Office: Dr. Hughes and Owen Marcinek


Best individual:

Life gives you lemons: Chris K.

Honorable Mentions: 


Cotton Eye Joe: Margot

Mad hatter: Abby Lienhard


Best Faculty Group. 

Good place: Durham/Drezner

Honorable mention: Sistah/sistah – Finigan/Finigan


Best Faculty individual: 

Dr. Hughes: Schrute 


Honorable Mention: 

Ms. Clapps: Glampire


Most creative:

Autumn: No Face



Zeb: Sugar Daddy


Honorable mention:

TLT: Ceiling fan



Teddy and Sol Rey: Dr. Gaines



Shreya: dead doll


Honorable mention: 

America: Mr. Stein, Billie, Ruby