Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork: Girls Volleyball at Berkeley Carroll

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Last year, four hundred and forty-four thousand American high school girls played volleyball. This number, strikingly high, is second only to that of track and field.

Undoubtedly, Berkeley Carroll girls volleyball has been killing it recently. With 38 members among its three teams (Varsity, JV, and JV2), JV and Varsity making it to the playoffs, and varsity in second place in the ACIS, things have been going well for Berkeley Carroll’s volleyball program. But spectators are left to wonder: why is volleyball so successful this year? What is so special about volleyball this year?

At a time when women’s athletics at Berkeley Carroll is somewhat idle, with other teams lacking in members, and the girls locker room reduced to an even smaller space, one is left to wonder how and why volleyball is drawing girls in droves, and how they stay both popular and successful. I decided to collect some testimonials about the appeals of volleyball and the successful season from team members and faculty involved in the program.

On the topic of the social benefits of volleyball, Ellie Schneider ‘22 (varsity) says “Volleyball helps integrate the grades, and gives you the sense of being a part of a team”.

Similarly, when asked why she thought volleyball was having such a successful season,  Charis Baumann ‘22 (J.V.) says, “We have unified after all our difficulties (referring to a change in coaches mid-season) and we come together as a team”

When asked why she does volleyball, Noa Brown ‘22 (varsity) says “The reason why I started playing volleyball at first was just because my older sister played volleyball…but then I started on my team, and it’s just like a different kind of friendship to be on a team.”

Team certainly appears to be the key word, at least to the players.

But what does the staff have to say about the rapidly growing volleyball program?

Athletics Director Mr. Giovino says, “I think the reason that so many students are interested in volleyball right now at Berkeley Carroll is because I think we’ve done a good job of having a program that speaks to all students at a variety of levels”.

Janey Thogmartin ‘21, a member on varsity who has been playing volleyball for six years says about the success of the team, “I think that we have a really good attitude on the team… and I think that energy and attitude are some of the most important things when you’re on a team.”

Far and away, it seems like while the actual game of volleyball is enjoyable, what draws and keeps girls in the program is the bond and energy they have with their teammates, which comes as a result of playing in such close quarters, spending extended amounts of time together, and having to rely on one another to secure a win.