Muffins and Gratitude

Credit: Leah K. 20

Credit: Leah K. ’20

What’s the best thing at BC you ask? Well, I could list the plethora of unique English and history classes offered in sophomore and senior year–ranging from the colonization of Africa to LGBTQ+ studies–the amazingly helpful teacher support system, or the small classroom discussion setting. I could even go on to speak to how the name MASH is arbitrarily used to make detention sound less like what it actually is–which is, of course, detention because the four-letter acronym does nothing to alter the ethos of detention which is to be watched by a teacher as you silently sit in a room. No, at least to me those aren’t what makes BC stand out in my mind as a pillar of liberal education. It is, of course, the daily served freshly baked muffins.

Firm on the outside, pillowy soft on the inside, and so buttery that just a single touch stains your hands, BC muffins are the pillar with which our school continues to function. Served in regular corn muffin, blueberry, cranberry, lemon-poppy-seed, cinnamon, chocolate chip and the recently brought back double chocolate flavor there really is a flavor for everyone–unless you’re only into banana-walnut muffins, in which case you’ll need to walk to the nearest bakery or die.

If we impart this analogy to the BC Community, it becomes evident that just like the availability of muffin flavors, there too is an abundance of social niches that fit the personalities of everyone who walks through the doors of 181 Lincoln Place.

From the theater junkies who perform in every play or musical and proudly proclaim their membership in the Thespian Society, to the three season playing athletes that can always be seen racing off to their next away game at the end of the day, and even those who seem to have so many free periods in their schedule they’re always chilling in the atrium there are communities at BC for these students to feel included in. Among other groups, I find myself as a proud member of BC’s muffin worshiping club. Every morning I check my second-period class to ascertain whether I will be able to grab a muffin before they have all been gobbled up–feelings of elation washing over me if I have a free period before or despair if I’ve got class on the third floor.Seemingly without fail,, you can almost always find me in the cafeteria around 10:45 either gleefully munching on the lemon-poppy-seed muffins or disdainfully looking at their sad cranberry counterparts.

Yes, it may seem like overindulgence in sweets, but I see it simply as living in the moment. I certainly don’t eat muffins every day, but I make sure to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to me, a message I hope to impart to you. When will you ever get the chance to eat freshly baked muffins five days a week without having to spend not even one single penny–not factoring in the $50,000 tuition of course? Most likely never again. That is why I implore that this opportunity be savored and the full benefits it brings reaped. Once in a lifetime opportunities can not be passed up, and should instead be treasured and appreciated for as long as they last.

This message isn’t just applicable to muffin eating. It also correlates to the entirety of a BC education. While in some ways flawed, the education offered at BC isn’t one that is offered by many other institutions, and as such it should be treasured. As the second semester begins, I ask that you put yourself out–maybe join a new club, talk to people in your grade that you don’t have classes with, or even participate more in a class you don’t particularly enjoy. Given the lesser stakes arena that is high school, this is the perfect time for risk-taking and trying out new activities. If anything, at the very least, don’t take for granted the resources currently available to you–especially the muffins–because in a few years time, they may not be there anymore.