Welcome Back 2017-18


The Berkeley Carroll School

Welcome to the 2017-18 Berkeley Carroll school year! We, at the Blotter, are excited to get the student newspaper season underway with some great articles from our new editorial staff coming out in the first issue. Who’s on the editorial staff you ask? Well, here they are: Keely C. ‘18 and Sara T. ‘18 return to our executive staff as co-editors-in-chief.  New to our executive staff this year are Gabby G. ‘18 and Maddie K ‘18 as our two executive editors. Our section editors, all new to the editorial staff, are: Julian A. ‘20 for News, Emily L. ‘20 for Arts and Entertainment, Natalie S. ‘19 for Sports, Aidan S. ‘20 for Opinion and Humor, and Bella O. ‘19 for Student Life. Our fantastic faculty advisors, returning as well, are Ms. Clapps and Ms. Bediako.  

But the Blotter editorial staff isn’t the only thing that has changed about BC this year. The endless construction that could be heard at all hours throughout Lincoln Place last year has resulted in amazing new resources for students. The Upper School library, located on the 4th floor, boasts airplane like study chairs, couches, and window seats to look out at the roofs of Brooklyn while you study. The library is also the new home of the Knowledge Bar featuring Mr. Marchese for all your technological woes. One of the most notable parts of the library is the wall of plants which adds a natural calmness to the study space. If you walk through the library you will find a new seminar room glowing with natural light, as well as tons of office space for faculty.

Go down one flight of stairs from the library and you will find the new science wing equipped with lab classrooms for all the sciences. Like the library, this new space is centered around natural light and open space. Another addition to the STEAM curriculum at BC is the Beta Lab. The lab takes up what used to be the performance space and is the perfect environment for tinkering on your own, or working in a class on science, technology, engineering, art, or math. Because BC wants to encourage students to unlimit themselves and their minds, there is a dedicated member of the faculty (Mr. Byrne) always present in the Beta Lab to assist students with the tools in the lab.

The 1st floor atrium is also entirely redesigned with couches and tables to promote group work and collaboration. For the first time, if you wanted to walk from the basement to the 4th floor you would be able to! The main wooden staircase has been welcomed back with a glossy new finish and built to extend all the way to the library on the 4th floor.

In addition to the spacial changes, Berkeley Carroll has welcomed a slew of new faculty which comes along with amazing new course offerings such as LGBTQ History and on-site Mandarin. And of course, a special welcome to the freshpeople! Freshpeople, as you get settled into your new high school lives, please consider joining the Blotter to express your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the world we live in. We’re looking forward to a fantastic year and hope to make the Blotter your first choice for BC news! Just kidding, it’s your only choice, so we hope to hear what you have to say so the Blotter can be inclusive of all of BC’s opinions!