BC Costumes and Murderous Clowns

Despite all the creepy clowns popping up around the country this year, Berkeley Carroll did not hold back on the Halloween spirit. If you have not heard, there have been clowns showing up everywhere from the middle of highways to Target parking lots, scaring and chasing after people. Students and staff came dressed up and definitely got into character. With all the wigs and face paint, some people were completely unrecognizable. People came in dressed as Arthur, Super Hillary, gold diggers, animal puns, and so much more. Halloween at Berkeley Carroll was no joke.

However, after stepping out of school, it was clear that it’s not just Berkeley Carroll that loves Halloween, but all of Park Slope. It was only 3:40 and people were already out and about trick or treating. It wasn’t just children in costume, but parents and store owners too. The amount of Halloween spirit Park Slope was surprising but it just shows how seriously Park Slope treats holidays. 

I was extremely surprised to see all these people causally going around trick or treating as I thought, “what about the clowns?!” Even some of my friends decided they weren’t going to go trick or treating this year when they heard about these clown attacks. After seeing the thousands of videos on social media, I decided that I was going to be home by six o’clock on Halloween because I did not need a clown encounter in my life. But, I guess Park Slopers don’t let anything get in the way of their Halloween.