Deck the Hallways

Photo by Annabelle Alrez

Berkeley Carroll hosted its annual Winter Art Show on Wednesday, December 16th. The night kicked off with a wonderful art gallery, where art from Middle and Upper School was showcased. Visitors were able to walk around the first floor of the building, and see all the amazing artwork, and refreshments were available to make the experience more enjoyable. Sophomore Griffin Cascarino said, “I liked all the people that turned out to see the students’ artwork, and people put so much effort into the art that goes into the art show.” After this, visitors migrated to the gym, where various music groups put on performances. It started off with the Upper School Strings Orchestra playing a lovely piece called “Waltz No. 2.” They were joined by the Middle School Strings, and played another wonderful song together. After this, the Chamber Choir joined the Upper School Strings, and together they sang and played “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Then the choir sang a few more songs with the themes of winter and the holidays. Some of these songs were accompanied by 10th grader Abe Berman, 8th grader Zach Camhi on the cello, and seniors Nadine Khoury on the violin and Kirt Thorne on the clarinet. Next, the Saxophone Ensemble made its debut with a song called “It Don’t Mean a Thing.” Tech teacher Nick Marchese, the director of the group, said, “I was very proud of all of the Saxophone Ensemble members on Wednesday night. They performed very well at their debut and we look forward to performing again in the future!” The night ended with the Middle School Jazz Band playing a few songs, which included some rocking solos by several middle schoolers. All in all, the Winter Art Show was a fantastic evening filled with wonderful art and great musical performances.