The Show Must Go On… Line

On October 9th, Playbill announced that Broadway has officially extended its theater shutdown through June 2021. Although there’s no word on when Broadway will reopen, live theater feels like a distant reality—which is even more tragic than the 2020 Tony season. 

Whether it’s a Broadway show or a middle school production, theater brings people together in unexpected ways. Despite not being able to perform in person, our director, WT, and the rest of the middle school theater department is working to bring the magic of theater to our Zoom screens. The middle school musical will have a three-night run, with performances from November 5th through 7th. 

The Show Must Go Online is a 40-minute Zoom musical written in response to the pandemic. It was written to be rehearsed and performed from home. The show is about a group of students desperately trying to save their production after it was forced to go online. Each actor gets a 1-2 minute scene/song to rehearse on Zoom with the rest of the cast. The cast will perform their solos live, with a few prerecorded group numbers. When the videos are joined together it creates a heartwarming story about what it means to love theater, featuring a ton of musical references. 

The cast is hard at work rehearsing and filming their scenes and is excited to share their performance with the BC community this Autumn. Come check out The Show Must Go Online on November 5th, 6th, or 7th!