Opinion & Humor is Back! (With a Vengeance)


Sara Tobias and Maddie Korbey

Hey you! Do you have opinions? Do you like cracking jokes or laughing with your friends? Well, of course you do. Who doesn’t? Time to get your creativity down on paper!

In the Opinion & Humor section you are free to write about anything you want, whether it be about flossing your otter, your opinion on a new brand of cupcakes, how to correctly de-grime your gopher, or your thoughts on Trump.  If you have completely different other ideas, those are welcome too! The Blotter allows you to join sections such as News, Sports, Student Life, Photo, Video, and Arts & Entertainment!

As your Opinion & Humor editors, we would like to say what, in our opinion, are the top 5 reasons why you should join The Blotter (with humor):

  1. We are a Comfortable Community

At The Blotter we all help each other out no matter what section we are in (think Sister Sledge “We are Family”). All of the editors are very approachable, and you can talk to them about anything, whether your article is about different types of sprinkles or something more serious. It’s a safe space to write about whatever you’re passionate about, and you will be supported.

  1. We Bring Snacks

Don’t worry about the timing. You might think that if you join The Blotter your muffin days are over. But don’t fret! We have an unlimited supply of Oreos and popcorn! We even had a taste test of which popcorn was the best (it’s Boom Chicka Pop).

  1. We Have Variety

The Blotter has articles on a variety of topics. The Opinion section has seen many topics, such as surviving the holidays, Spring Intensives, the Golden Globes, pies, and Valentine’s day. Don’t be afraid to come forth from your shadowy dwelling and get ready to show your writing skills and ideas to the world! It’s a whole new world filled with thousands of articles! (Check out “A Whole New World”).

  1. We Are Open to New Voices

We want new voices and new ideas! We can never get enough of your great opinions, observations, and outlooks on the world. Everyone brings their own spin to their writing, and anything you write will be considered a masterpiece in its own way. So bring ideas, skills, friends, and anything to help us out!

  1. You Get to Know Upperclassmen and Teachers

We know that sometimes being new at BC can seem daunting, but by joining The Blotter you will gain instant connections with teachers and upperclassmen. At The Blotter, it’s not just business relationships. Believe me, we know how to have fun. So if you have strong opinions and want to put them into writing, The Blotter is for you. Or maybe you just want the snacks…

We are your Opinion & Humor editors and we approve this message.