You Say Goodbye, We Say Hello


The 2014-2015 Blotter Staff

Even though we’ve had to sadly say goodbye to our senior Blotter editorial staff members (especially this year’s three editors-in-chief), we would like to happily say hello to our new editors for the 2015-2016 year! The staff consists of representatives from all grades so far, which means that a variety of new and creative ideas are in store for the Blotter next year. I’m definitely excited! Are you? Expect some awesome things from The Blotter when we return to school in September. But for now, let’s look forward to relaxing this summer (and maybe brainstorming ideas for some interesting Blotter articles)…

Hey! Here’s the list of our new Blotter staff for next year (drumroll, please):

Editor-in-Chief: Michelle Madlansacay
Executive Editors: Jack O’Brien and Angela Goldshteyn
Creative Director: Lindsay Nissenbaum (photo and video editor)

Sports: Simone Silvan and Dean Ross
News: Carolyn Khoury
Opinion and Humor: Sara Tobias and Maddie Korbey
Arts and Entertainment: Gabby Guarna
Student Life: Elias Contrubis


Have a good summer, and see ya later!

Michelle Madlansacay, Editor-in-Chief