7 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day Safely


A Zoom date between soulmates.

Sam Otley, Sports Editor

As the dreaded date of February 14 approaches, many people will be spending the next few days panicking about how to spend the day with their significant other. Luckily for you, I’ve prepared seven great and COVID-safe ways to spend Valentine’s Day with the person you care about the most. 

  1. Netflix parties are the best way to watch a film with your Valentine whilst remaining safe and at home. Just find any movie or show you want on Netflix and send the link to your partner… After that, you can enjoy the shows synchronously.
  2. A more in-person idea is arranging to see your partner and going for a nice calm walk in the park so the two of you can spend some quality and safe time together. 
  3. If seeing one another isn’t an option a Zoom cooking lesson could be a great option. While in the comfort of your own home, you can still spend time with your significant other while learning how to make some good food that could be shared on a future date. 
  4. If cooking and seeing the outside world aren’t options, a small dinner over Zoom gives you all the pros of seeing someone face-to-face without the risk of actual human interaction and with the ability to bail on your Valentine at any given moment.
  5. Another way to spend time together is to make a photo book together. The two of you could look through all your photos together and make an online photobook, which you can print and look at together once you can see each other again.
  6. On a more long-term note, you can do virtual college tours together to find a college you can both attend to continue your high school romance. Spend the first few months of college basking in the glow of your mid-teen love story, then realize what a horrible mistake it all was and spend the next three and a half years avoiding each other.
  7. Finally, the best way to spend your Valentine’s Day safely is through a Kahoot. It’s a good way to create some friendly competition for an hour. Each of you can make your own Kahoot with 10 questions about yourself to find out whether your Valentine truly knows who you are as a person. 

Overall, although this won’t be a typical Valentine’s day for anyone, these ideas are flawless and will assure that you have a perfect Valentine’s Day with whomever you choose to spend it.