Welcome Back!


Hello Berkeley Carroll, and welcome to another school year!

Exciting things are happening here at the Blotter! For those of you who are new, the Blotter is Berkeley Carroll’s entirely online student-run school newspaper. All articles are written, edited, and uploaded by students here at BC. The Blotter is the student voice of the Berkeley Carroll Upper School, here to represent the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of you—the students!


At the Cocurricular Fair this year (pictured above), we had a great turnout, and have tons of new people signed on to write for the Blotter. We have a number of wonderful returning Section Editors: Olivia Guarna and Alex Pachter for Sports, Rebekah Hickson for Photo, Cal Goodin for Humor, and Tristan Gillia for Opinion. We’re also psyched about our new Section Editors: Gil Ferguson for Sports, Jack O’Brien for News, Savana Minerva and Lindsey Nissenbaum for Video, and Angela Goldshteyn for Student Life!


We’ll be uploading new editions on the first Tuesday of every month, so look out for those, and we hope you enjoy the brand-new October Edition of the Blotter!

–Julia Pike, Sophie Hayssen, Samantha Schreiber, and Michelle Madlansacay, Editors in Chief