“Some Good News” is the Real Good News

We all know the beloved John Krasinski from various movies such as A Quiet Place and the TV show that I call art, the Office (U.S., of course).

I, for one, knew that Johnny-boy was one of the good ones. He’s a great actor, but he gives off a sort of family-man/man-of-the-people vibe. I’m sure others have felt the same, but I have had no evidence for this. Until now.

“Some Good News” (SGN), a YouTube series created by John Krasinski himself, is really what it sounds like (but it’s John Krasinski, so it is just objectively better). He spends 15-20 minutes just bringing up “some good news,” with the hopes of lifting the general public’s spirits throughout this difficult time—a.k.a  COVID-19, just in case you are reading this in 2046 for some reason. 

I must say, he has achieved this goal swimmingly. Each episode has 1,000,000+ views and counting, not to mention the thousands of positive comments such as “And just like that..Ellen has been replaced.. This guy rocks” by Tom Joslin, and my personal favorite: “How can over 3K people dislike this video!? I’m not religious, but y’all need Jesus” by Janica Janssen.

As for the specific content of these episodes, Krasinski has Zoom called many other celebrities such as fellow Office star Steve Carell, the cast of Hamilton, and even Oprah! See, celebrities are normal people too; they use Zoom just like us.

He also has interviewed some real-life heroes. Nurses have made multiple guest appearances on SGN, with Krasinski helping organize a special thank you for them in Boston’s own Red Sox stadium. I know we’re supposed to hate the Red Sox, but that’s pretty killer.

I highly recommend this YouTube series for anyone who… no, just anyone. It always gives me a good laugh and it’s refreshing to see the good happening in an otherwise chaotic situation.

However, what you have learned from this summary does not even begin to cover the heartwarming-ness of SGN; the only way to truly experience it is to watch it yourself:


Why are you still reading this? Go check it out!