New Day, New Me


What’s new about the new year? Besides having to write a new date at the top right hand corner of assignments, are there any other significant changes that automatically define a “new year?” To me, every year is essentially the same. Each year, events occur that people say distinguish one year from the other. But if we look at the general patterns of every new year, we’ll find that there’s no difference in the way things change. Rather than waiting for the new year to come to celebrate and maybe even reset from past failures, we should treat every day as we treat every new year. Everyday, something new happens. It’s within the individual days that so much variety can be found. From the life changing decisions that can be made to the smallest but most meaningful gestures from a peer, days can make the greatest differences.

When Jeff Hobbs, author of The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace came to speak to BC’s upper school, he reminded us all that “we don’t experience a moment in the same way.” Every second, every minute, every day there are changes that are always occurring. And the fact that we don’t have to wait an entire year to make these changes happen is such a convenient and amazing thing. This is what makes each day special. Now that it’s the time where people are starting to get back into the norm of things after winter break, I suggest to everyone that in 2016, focus on the days. Take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered each day. It’ll be worth it. Have a happy new day!