Murder, Michael Jackson and Barbecue Sauce: What to Look Forward to This Fall


Welcome Back Everyone!

I know that we’re all bummed that summer’s over and that we can no longer spend the day binge watching Netflix, but don’t worry, there are tons of great live performances to look forward to this school year.  The upcoming fall play is the mystery/comedy, Hit and Misdemeanor which will be student directed by senior Miranda Cornell.  The show is about Stacy Travers (Anja Boltz, senior) and Connie Lewis (Emma Newbery, senior), two young stars of a CSI-like TV show who work well together in the show but despise each other in real life. But, here’s the thing, someone is planning to kill them!  One of the trickiest things about this show is keeping the mystery aspect to it.  Annabelle Alrez, 10th Grade, says that she’s going to try very hard not to give away the ending while they’re still in the rehearsal process.  She also said that she’s very excited to see how everyone makes their characters come to life, especially Tristan Gillia as Mary Muldoon.  See how it all plays out this December.

You should also get excited for the choir performance of Thriller at the fall pep rally, which is sure to be a lot of fun; maybe there will be a little dancing, but who knows? The Upper School Orchestra and Jazz Band will make their debuts in their fall concert.  The Jazz Band is working on two pieces, Barbeque Sauce by Mike Carubiaand Make Me Smile by James Pankow.  Michael Eve, 10th Grade, says that the pieces are different styles and difficulty, but he thinks that they can pull it off.  Michael is enjoying the exploration of different kinds of music and he hopes that you will enjoy their performances; look for him playing trumpet.

There are lots of great attractions to come this year, so we should all get excited to support our peers when it’s time for them to perform! I hope you all made it through the first month of school okay.  Here’s to a great year!