Holding Onto Your Sense of Reality During a Global Pandemic and Other Wonderful Things


I don’t think I’ve touched my Chromebook in about a week and honestly, at this point, there is no amount of washing that can be done to get the sweat stains out of that one T-shirt. My teachers have been emailing about missing assignments that I will probably never complete and I’ve slept through so many Zooms that you would think I’ve had enough sleep by now, but somehow I am always tired and sluggish. 

Just by reading the first paragraph of this article, you can probably tell that I have no intention of living up to my title, as it was enough of a fight trying to get the motivation to write this article. Despite my constant wallowing, however, I’ve managed to do something useful with my time and think of several things I have learned during this quarantine. 

Things I Have Realized During Quarantine

  1. WhatsApp Group Chats are a breeding ground for cult-like activity. (If you know, you know.)
  2. Zoom Breakout rooms are a nightmare. It’s either we talk too much, or it’s dead silent. 
  3. I like looking at people during the school day. It’s fun to people-watch and observe.
  4. I can do what I want. Doing something wild—within the confines of your home—gives the spirit something to feed on. 
  5. People are not as interesting when you actually speak to them.
  6. I appreciate having a loud family. It’s really comforting to know that there are people in the room next to you.
  7. I also appreciate that I have a good relationship with my family. Even though they get on my last nerve, I am thankful that I never feel unsafe in my household. 
  8. Rich people could be doing a lot more than clapping at 7 pm. 
  9. The way our government works is extremely disturbing. Every single major corporation can afford to pay their laid-off workers during this pandemic but they choose not to. There are government officials who are cutting off people’s lights, gas, and electricity because they can’t pay the bill. These corporations don’t need that money at all, they just like having it. 
  10. I am lucky enough that both my parents have stable jobs and income, so this pandemic isn’t interrupting my life in an important way. However, a lot of people have been laid off. A lot of young people are coming home from college to serve as the sole providers for their household while also managing a heavy workload. And a $1,200 check isn’t going to remedy that. 
  11. Berkeley Carroll students should not be complaining or pretending that they care about—or are even thinking about—“less privileged” students in the school just so that they don’t have to do their math homework. Have several seats.
  12. I aspire to be a daytime talk show host. I’ve binged watched enough Wendy to know that.