Be EVERYONE’S Valentine

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Red roses, sweet chocolate, love letters, and (Hershey) kisses — people receive all of these symbols of love on Valentine’s day. So is Valentine’s Day only for couples? No. All you single people shouldn’t miss out. Everyone should get chocolate. Valentine’s day is a day to express your love for ALL the people you care about. So here are people you can buy Valentine’s Day gifts for, whether you’re single or not:

  1. We all remember those days in elementary school when each student had to make a card for every classmate. No broken hearts, no relationships, and every stomach was filled with those chalky sweetheart candies. So how come it had to get awkward as we got older? We should all still receive the chocolates and sweet cards. It doesn’t have to be about getting a romantic card from your partner. So don’t think you can’t bring extra candy for all your friends, or cards for multiple people, because instead of having the holiday be all about couples you can give gifts to your classmates and friends.
  2. You can also give all of your family members a gift too. They want love as much as anyone else, and, of course, they want presents. Also, chances are if you give them a gift, you’ll get one back. We all love our families, even though we may not show it all the time. The best part about your families is that they get happy about the littlest things. Instead of spending money, you can make them something. I’m sure your family would almost love that more. So if you’re single, you always have your family who love you as much as any partner. Why not show them your love back?
  3. If you hate cheesy sayings you may want to stop reading now, though. Valentine’s Day should be a day to love yourself too. You shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t have a partner to celebrate it with because you have so many other people in your life who love you. Also no one is judging you if you get yourself some chocolate, and sweethearts. Point is, Valentine’s day is about the people you love, and you should be on the list!

Now, if you’re getting gifts for all the people you care about, everyone will be loved. It’s a chain of love: if your friends buy flowers for you, then you buy flowers for your friends and family, and then your family buys more flowers for their friends, then their friends buy flowers for…I think you get it. When everyone gives and receives presents, everyone is happy. All your friends will chuckle at the funny gift you gave them, your family will be thankful for the homemade cards, you can enjoy some clichéd Valentine’s Day candy, and when the chain of love is complete, even the florist will be satisfied with all his flowers being sold.