Holiday Survival Kit

Holiday Survival Kit

Endless car rides, lousy presents, frigid weather, relatives, there’s so much to survive during the holidays. The holidays are right around the corner and you need to be prepared. There are many hard decisions like how to bundle up so you are the warmest, and many objectives, like getting your relatives to buy you a present that you actually wanted. I’ve been through many long, hard holidays and realized little things to help myself push through. There isn’t any easy way to get through them so you better pay attention to the expert.

First thing’s first, if you have long traveling hours to get to your family, make sure to have something to entertain you. Personally, the best way to make the time fly is to listen to holiday music either while closing your eyes or looking outside at the white, slippery snow. You can never go wrong with Michael Bublé’s Christmas album. Make sure to embrace the traveling hours. It’s a two week period of no school and no homework so take this time to relax. Remember it’s a jolly time of year.

Next, make sure you’re prepared for the frozen weather. This takes serious skill. You can’t get through the snow with a light coat. You’ll need gloves, hat, scarves, and lots of layers. However, gloves without fingers is a bad idea. I know how important it is to be able to text your friends on break. Trust me, being a 14-year-old has taught me that. Though I’m pretty sure not getting frost bite and having fingers is a bit more important. Now make sure to wear a warm scarf that can cover any bare skin on your neck and lower face, and if you’re feeling really cold go with a face wrap. Hats and earmuffs aren’t just meant to be cute accessories, but to cover your ears. Make sure to get these supplies before the world becomes a “Winter Wonderland.”

Now, one of the most exciting parts of holidays are the presents. Duh!? But who wants to receive a crummy present from a relative? Nobody. Here’s the key to getting what you want: be sly. For example if I were dying for an iTunes gift card with a lot of money on it but no one wants to spend that much at once, I would tell multiple relatives that I want iTunes gift cards. Then once they all buy them, the money will add up. Tada! You get the amount you want. Or say you have a feeling a relative is going to forget what you want, have your parents and or siblings give a hint for you.

Getting presents isn’t all the fun; giving presents is great too. Here is the key to figuring out what others want. If it is a young child, just ask their parents. If it is a teenager, who has no trust in you to get something good, get them a gift card or clothes. If it is an adult try to incorporate their interests and job into the gift. This way it looks as though you’ve thought it through.

Lastly, you have to be geared up to answer questions like never before. Whoever you visit or whoever you see during the holidays is destined to ask you life questions and say clichéd things. “How old are you now?” “You’ve grown so much!” “Have you lost weight?” “Have you gained weight?” Do you really think I am going to trust you with my weight? I think that’s my business. The point is we all know there are awkward questions to answer. We have to be mature young adults and answer in a proper, kind way. You can respond in a sneaky way without having to truly answer. For example: “Did you get all A’s on your report card?” You reply,  “Well I’m doing pretty well this year.” It’s okay to be secretly annoyed when people ask you these things because it’s not your time and place to be putting my jig saw puzzle of a life together.

Now you’re ready to descend into the snow and have a successful holiday season. I wish you the best of luck!