La La Land

A scene from La La Land

A scene from “La La Land”

A scene from “La La Land”

When La La Land first came out, I was reluctant to watch it, as I’m not the biggest fan of old, cliché Hollywood films. However, after watching this film, I realized that this film was so much more than just a wannabe old Hollywood film.


The plot of the film was very captivating and I loved how they showed time passing, the way they did in older Hollywood films. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were truly phenomenal in this film and they should be commended for all the amazing musical numbers they did, considering they are not classically trained singers or dancers. The Oscar-nominated costumes, designed by Mary Zophres, were also beautiful and so fitting for the characters. They had that old timey feel yet looked very modern. Also as avid lover of jazz, I was ecstatic to see the numerous musical jazz numbers in the film. There was a variety of upbeat and slow songs that culminated in an oscar winning score. Since Jazz is considered a dying genre, I really appreciated how jazz was depicted as timeless in this film.


However, I am not the only who loved La La Land–it received both critical acclaim and won many prestigious awards, including a Golden Globe for best picture and an Oscar for Emma Stone as Best Actress. I would definitely recommend watching this film, despite whether or not you like musicals or jazz.