A Musical December

Gabrielle Guarna

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On Thursday, December 17th, Berkeley Carroll had its annual Winter Concert. This concert has been happening for a very long time, and is a great way for the Berkeley Carroll community to say happy holidays to all the students, teachers, and parents. The concert features groups from all divisions — Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School. The concert started off with Upper School Wind Ensemble with a song called “Accolade.” Next the 4th grade chorus and the Middle School Choir sang a song called “Sing,” written by the director, Lower School music teacher Carolyn Sloan. Then the 4th Grade Chorus sang a song from the popular Broadway musical Matilda, called “When I Grow Up.” After one more song, the Middle School strings played a wonderful set, where they blew the crowd away with their talent. Then the Middle School Choir sang three lovely songs, the last of which was a song called “Slow Dancing in the Snow,” which has become a tradition for the Middle School Choir to sing at the Winter Concert. After this, the All School Wind Ensemble played a few songs, including a song called “Declaration Overture,” which featured 9th grade soloist Lukas Holsberg. The concert then ended with the song “Ode To Joy,” which included the All School Wind Ensemble, the Middle School Strings, the Middle School Choir, and a few members from the Upper School Choir. This was a great way to end the concert, because it was so powerful, and the collaboration worked really well. The concert was a great way to say goodbye for winter break!