Meet Your New Student Body President: Matthew Adjmi!

Meet Your New Student Body President: Matthew Adjmi!

After a hard fought election, Matthew Adjmi (‘18) has been elected to be the 2017-2018 student body president.  He and his opponent Mosab Hamid (‘19) both worked diligently on their campaigns. Throughout the school creative flyers were hung up and the election received a great amount of buzz. On the morning before the ballots were sent out students heard speeches from the two candidates outlining their plans for next year. On Wednesday, the results came in during the Recognition Assembly and Matthew was announced as President.  The Blotter sat down with  Matthew so he could answer a few questions that will allow BC students to get to know him better:


Blotter: Do you live in Brooklyn?

Matthew Adjmi
by Julian Ansorge


Matthew: “I lived in Brooklyn my whole life, however towards the end of middle school my parents got divorced and my father now lives in Manhattan, and so I guess I live there too.”


B: What’s your favorite music?

M: “I love a lot of different kinds of music: rap, hip hop, R&B, rock, pop, house, and others that I can’t think of… but I hate country.”


B: What’s your favorite place to eat in the neighborhood?

M: “In the neighborhood my favorite place to eat would probably be Roma’s.”


B: What’s your favorite class at Berkeley Carroll?

M:“My favorite class would have to be Pre-Calc with the one and only Arata Niizuma.”


B:What does Berkeley Carroll mean to you?

M:“Berkeley Carroll means a lot to me. It is such a tight knit community and I love that about it. I’ve learned so much and made so many relationships there, so I will forever appreciate it.”


B: How exactly will students be able to express their concerns to you next year?

M: “Next year I am planning to announce and devote my free times so that anyone with concerns would be free to approach me. Also, for those who maybe don’t have the time or don’t want to approach me face to face I want to make a student council/presidential suggestion box located somewhere easily accessible to Upper Schoolers.”


B: What are some of the first things you want to achieve that students can look forward to next year?

M: “I want to create inter-grade bonding, I want to encourage Freshpeople to start fundraising a lot earlier, and I want to make work more manageable for student athletes and everyone.”


It is clear that Matthew loves the BC community and is enthusiastic about working on behalf of the students. Next year BC will have a record breaking freshperson class of 94 students,  and the Upper School will be livelier than ever. Starting in September The Blotter will continue to keep up with Matthew’s efforts to improve the BC community.