Berkeley Carroll Lives in Six Words


Lola Newman, Student Life Editor

Six-word memoirs first surfaced in the public eye after literary superstar Ernest Hemingway was presented with this challenge: to write a comprehensive story in only six words. Hemingway was given this task by two other writers over lunch, and upon being given the challenge, Hemingway allegedly scrawled these six words on a cloth napkin: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” and then proceeded to collect his winnings.

When the same challenge was posed to Berkeley Carroll students and faculty the results were both impressive and original.

“Cared too much and not enough.” — Callie Goodin, Grade 11

“Future is cool present is better.” –Thelonious Frumkin, Grade 10

“A man wandering the streets, alone.” — James Walls, Grade 12

“Our pain is what enlightens us” –William Pigott, Grade 10

“If she speaks again I’ll leave.” — Thomas Cooper Lippert, Grade 12

“Greatest joy experienced, ‘it’s a boy!’” — Jessica Smith, Upper School Sciences

“She said my mustache was creepy.” –Alex Pachter, Grade 11

“The moon illuminates my dark nights” — Jake Simpson, Grade 10

“Impossible to forget about someone you love.” –Sneha Punukollu, Grade 9

“Your words burned holes like acid.” –Anja Boltz, Grade 11

“I go get buckets all day.” –Jordan Lisi, Grade 9

“Under stars I’ll think of you.” –Eliza Schmidt, Grade 10

“Listening is easier with a smile.” — J.P. Jacquet, Upper School Dean of Students

“Mr. Lincoln, thank you very much.” — Kenneth Corfield, Upper School History Department

“Joseph, I am with child.” — Kenneth Corfield, Upper School History Department

“Never stay stuck in the past.” –Amirah Winston, Grade 9

“Time takes its toll bleakly told” — Zach Fisher, Grade 12

“Resilience is what keeps me going”. –Shayna DePersia, Grade 12

“Every day is a hero’s journey” –Towlani Roberts, Grade 9

“We are perfect in imperfect ways” — Jack O’Brien, Grade 10