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    LIGHTNING THE WOLFFeb 6, 2021 at 11:54 pm

    Yeah, to be honest, i am an otherkin and there is some therian in me.
    I have no idea what is the specific name type for me because am good with being human and i’m chill.
    To an extent i believe that i am a wolf/werewolf. I have a fond of animals. I hate people. I love foxes and wolves as much as cats and dogs.
    I feel something about wolves they’re so amazing.
    To me, this is like a hobby and a personality in some sense. Tho, i am human and it’s ok even though i hate life too.
    I honestly wish at times to be an animal. Not to say i hate being a human, it’s mixed feelings for me.
    When i feel like it, i’ll act like my animal self. this is all i have to say, thanks….