Varsity Baseball Team Poised To Win It All This Year

Eric Liu, Staff Writer

This season men’s varsity baseball is off with a bang! Since coming back from spring training, the baseball squad has come back hot and has a 13-1 record.  Baseball head coach Walter Paller said, “Spring Training allows players and coaches to spend a whole week together, on and off the field, and allows them to bond together as a team. It helps them get to know each other as teammates.”

When asked what the team’s best strengths are, Coach Paller replied, “Pitching, pitching, pitching. And defense. We are offensively challenged, but we are opportunistic at the plate.” The pitching staff is led by senior ace, Ian Miller, who has led the team all three years only to fall just short of a championship each year. Backing up Ian Miller are junior, Chris Harper, sophomore, Jake Simpson, and freshman, Justin Pacheco.  On his expectations for the team, Miller said, “I have extremely high expectations for what this group of guys can accomplish. They have shown talent, hustle, and most importantly, heart. Each and every player wants to support the team in any way they can and that’s special. The end goal is always the state championship title. It has been elusive in the last four years, even though we consistently put out competitive teams. This team has the makeup to get that title, we just have to go grab it.” Pacheco has been particularly impressive and has shown a lot of promise early as he threw a no-hitter.

This year is an extremely important year for the baseball team as they will have two key players leaving this year, Ian Miller and a great catcher, Yanai Feldman. Feldman is very important to the Lion’s defense as his defensive abilities make it hard for other teams to steal bases and score more runs. Feldman was questioned about the team’s defense and replied, “ We make all the routine plays, our pitchers can throw all or most pitches for strikes, and when and if someone gets on base, he rarely advances. My pitching staff does a good job holding runners. Coach always says we do the little things right.” When asked about Ian Miller, Feldman says, “I also must say, it helps to have one of the top pitchers in NYC on the bump every five days or so.”

When asked about the team’s expectations this season, Coach Paller replied,”Based on the type of talent and players we have, we expect to get a high baseball seed and win a state championship.”

After going undefeated its first ten games, the team suffered a loss to Columbia Prep, after the pitching collapsed, resulting in a  14-12 loss, but bounced back quickly, with important wins against strong teams such as Staten Island Academy, and Collegiate. In both games, the pitching staff has been strong, shutting out Collegiate and holding Staten Island to two runs. Coming up are games against St. Ann’s and arch-nemesis, Poly Prep, who is currently ranked #1 in the city. We encourage everyone to come out and support! Currently, the Lions are ranked #10 in New York City.


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