Varsity Boys Soccer Captains


Olivia Guarna, Sports Co-editor

“There is nothing else we can ask of them, they play well and they lead us as a team,” teammate Tom Shea, sophomore, explained about the Varsity boys soccer captains. The Varsity boys soccer team, under the guidance of captains Jasper Kitchen, Harry Davidson, and Matteo Heilbrun, has been able to play with a great sense of teamwork this year, which has led to their many successes. In sports, teams need more than talent to prevail—team chemistry and leadership are key to success. Thanks to the captains and the cooperation of the team, the Boys Soccer team of Fall 2013 was a real threat. The three team captains have been selected because of their loyalty to the team, which has shown in their participation during their four years of high school. This experience has also brought experience and talent to the team.Matteo Heilbrun, the first captain, has a significant role in the success of the soccer team this year. His leadership also plays a large part in the team’s successes, and it matches perfectly with the other co-captains. He is also an invaluable player; in this season alone, he scored 12 goals for the team, seven of
which were scored in the first seven games. Jasper Kitchen, the goalie, keeps the team in the game with his many spectacular saves. The goalie is the final line of defense and his play shows this—it is consistently superb. The team always counts on his play, and his leadership on and off the field. Harry Davidson has shown devotion and passion for the team and for the
sport. He strives for team perfection and this really brings success. As the 2nd center back, he works greatly with senior, Aidan Watson to run the field at all times. Harry doesn’t let mishaps occur frequently and lets the team know how to improve the next time. This advice really helps players learn what to do right and how to learn from their mistakes. As sophomore, Will Pigot explains “Harry and Jasper inspire the team from the back [defense] while Matteo holds the team together from the offensive
end, and Jasper does a great job in goal. These captains work so well together and they consistently set the tone for team.”
It is now safe to say that the captains are pushing BC soccer in the right direction, especially after posting a winning record. Jake Justh, sophomore, summed up the captains’ role on the team when he said, “It is pretty much like
having coaches on the field”.